We take great pride in our personalised service which we believe is reflected in the loyalty of our valued recurring customers. However, if we get it wrong, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions, as we would rather have the opportunity to get it right then lose a good customer. Ipswich Laundry Service is located within the Ipswich region which is just South West of Brisbane. Locally owned and operated, Ipswich Laundry Service provides the Ipswich community with a fantastic laundry service that is the only operating laundry service like this within the Ipswich region. We pride ourselves on providing Ipswich and surrounding residents with a quality laundry service that covers your general clothes washing, to ironing, dry-cleaning and even alterations. Whatever your needs are, Ipswich Laundry Service can assist you. After all, wouldn't you like your weekends back?