Customers choose us because

Ipswich Laundry Service provides professional laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and alteration services. We pick up, deliver, wash, iron, fold your household washables.
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Ironing getting you down?

If ironing gets you down, Ipswich Laundry Service is an affordable and convenient way to have freshly pressed garments ready to wear. Professional ironing at Ipswich Laundry Services caters for domestic ironing needs in the Ipswich local area with pick up and return delivery.

How it works

Ipswich Laundry Service is here to accommodate your schedule and laundry needs. When factoring in not having to use your water, electricity and time as well…“It Pays For Itself!” After we pick up your laundry we will wash, dry, neatly fold, and package your laundry.

Need dry-cleaning?

Ipswich Laundry Service prides ourselves on offering Ipswich and surrounding areas finest dry cleaning service. We take every care in looking after your garments, because we believe that you deserve to look your very best. We can provide a dry cleaning service for virtually all of your clothing.